Contact Me

Hi there!

Sometimes we all need to be spoken to directly, even though my blog will be very detailed and hugely interactive with all its followers, I will try my best to respond to any Emails of which are sent to me.

So if you have any content you would like to see, any Technology you would want me to ‘check out’ … or you just want to talk about items I have written about in my blog, send me an Email!

I may delete the Email address if i get too much spam, but I’m sure you wont spam me… Will you? …. WILL YOU?



§ 2 Responses to Contact Me

  • Sup dude i have decided you are worthy of my following :), also you’ve inspired me to help people with IT Issues and I’ve updated my twitter feed so feel free (if you decide to set up twitter) to follow and help my give healthy advice for people who need Geeks. Lest make the world a more Tech savvy place!!

    • rjohnson39 says:


      Good to have you as a follower on my blog !

      I didn’t want to sign up to twitter to be honest, but I think I’ll have to.

      Im glad that you have been inspired to help, start a blog and get your word out there!!

      Sharing information in the IT world is the key to success !!

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