WorkingWithIT – Welcome !

June 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Welcome to ‘WorkingWithIT’.


First of all, I’m Ryan, and I will be carrying you through my journey in the life of an IT Engineer, hopefully you’ll take something away with you with every post you indulge in, also it should be nice insight of some of the problems that I have faced and over come.

WorkingWithIT … What on earth do I mean?

Okay, Okay…So, why the name ‘WorkingWithIT’, Well because I am doing exactly that, I am working with IT, And also I’m working with , well, ‘it’, everything around you is controlled by a computer in some way. Well okay not everything but a vast majority of the world has an IP, has a CPU.

Creepy to think about eh?

Who am I?

Well this is the part where I stand up, give a nod, and say ‘Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m addicted to Technology’, you all chant ‘Hi Ryan’ and I sit back down.

I currently live in London UK, I started getting involved in the world of technology from a very young age, taking things apart was my specialty. As i grew older i realised that i was able to make a career out of what I loved doing, my hobby could provide me with a life.

So by the age of 18, fresh out of Secondary school with very average Grade C’s, I put myself down for an interview with a local secondary school of which needed a very basic computer technician, the job spec was very low and needless to say I got the job.

A year passed of me ‘getting my foot on the ladder’ and i yearned to move on, onwards and upwards into a more challenging environment. Thus came along the job I am currently in, another secondary school, whats the difference I hear you shout?

Well…What if I explained that we are currently implementing a virtual system, configuring and deploying 10 – 15 servers, creating our own Thin XP to quickly and silently boot a Thin Kiosk mode into VDI-In-A-Box… you can see its much more challenging for a 21 year old, than plugging a mouse in!

I wont touch upon the upcoming plans, or problems I have faced as of yet as this would be destroying the whole point and frying the main bacon (Mmm bacon!) of my blog!

(Picture from WikiPedia)

Hungry yet?

To Conclude

Well as you have hopefully deciphered from the above introduction, this blog will be all about IT, so it you don’t like IT then … well you better start liking it! Honestly its amazing!

This wont be a very ‘serious’ blog, the content will be, but I hope to retain a rather informal approach to blogging.

Serious Blogs are Boring Blogs!



§ 2 Responses to WorkingWithIT – Welcome !

  • Uncle Bob says:

    Give it about 10 to 15 years and you will HATE working in IT. Trust me I know.

    • rjohnson39 says:

      Welcome to WorkingWithIT!

      Oh I’m very sure that it will have its bad points, lord knows I have experiences annoying problems, and users, of which have made me want to pull my hair out!

      Hopefully this blog will allow others to follow me in my distressing moments and also my happy triumphs!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Please check back for more updates often!


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